Microsoft 365 Security Assessment


Microsoft 365 has created new opportunities for small businesses to be more organised, collaborative and connected at a very manageable and predictable monthly cost. For many companies, Microsoft 365 is the first cloud service that is utilised in their organisation. While there are many benefits of Microsoft 365, we must always be mindful of the potential risk on confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information that are stored in the cloud.

STRB is working with Biz-Era to help our clients improve their IT security around Microsoft 365.

Why Biz-Era

Biz-Era.Net Pte Ltd ( is a leading, well-established organization that provides a wide range of Cloud Platform Service as well as Software and Application Development. Established in 2000, Biz-Era.Net has extensive experience in IT Security, covering products such as Microsoft Defender, Barracuda and Watchguard just to name a few. They are well-placed to advise clients on establishing sound security framework around Cloud Infrastructure.


Biz-Era’s Microsoft 365 User Security Assessment is structured to help clients understand their current security posture, identify gaps and recommend an action plan to mitigate the security risks identified.

There are the 3 broad stages to their methodology:

What Are The Risks?

Microsoft 365 is a well-established and secured platform. However, customers can still be susceptible to a wide range of malicious attacks without the right configuration and setup. These attacks could cost organisations unimaginable amounts of damages and often arise from:

Phishing Attacks. This still remains the top threat. Often used to obtain users credentials or to launch ransomware attacks.

Password Guessing. Users generally still use simple passwords for their convenience. Do you know which of your users accounts are already compromised?

Data Breach. Users also often use the same passwords for various sites that they visit or use. Such sites are usually targets for hackers as they would contain a huge database of user accounts. Do you know which of your users have been compromised from such breaches?

Performing regular security assessment on your Microsoft 365 setup will give you valuable insights to your security position. This would allow you to take pre-emptive action to safeguard your assets.